A unique panorama


Sperlonga is undoubtedly one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, a splendid combination of nature and history. A unique village that stands out for its innate charm and for its incredible scenery. The town retains its original core with a typically Mediterranean flavor, characterized by white buildings, small arches escapes between narrow alleys with sudden blue panoramas with the magical fusion of sea and sky.

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The SarAnd Relais is located about 15 kilometers from Sperlonga and is the perfect starting point for discovering this town perched on the spit of land of Monte San Magno.

This village is full of unique scenery and a mystical atmosphere that enchanted the Romans at the end of the Republican age. The mild climate and its beauty convinced Tiberius to build a grandiose villa, an imperial residence, of which the remains can still be seen today. Excursions to Sperlonga will make you discover the ancient Sanctae Mariae de Sperlonche church with its frescoes dating back to the 12th century, the towers built in 1500 to defend against raids by sea, and the archaeological museum, where you can admire precious artifacts found during excavations in the Villa of Tiberius.

From here you can also reach the exclusive Il Fortino beach in Sperlonga. It is located just 12 kilometers from our farm and is accessible from 08.30 to 19.00. On the well-kept beach with umbrellas and sun loungers for a fee you can doze and relax in complete tranquility, and with the restaurant service, you can enjoy delicious dishes while looking at the sea from our terrace.

Lido Fortino

Just 12 kilometers from the SarAnd Relais, in the municipality of Sperlonga, the Il Fortino beach offers an exclusive and well-kept beach. Open from 8.30 to 19.00, the establishment as well as beach service, also offers a restaurant service based on fish on a large terrace overlooking the sea. Solarium area bookable for adults only.

All services are subject to charges and upon reservation on site.

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A unique beach of its kind

The Lido Il Fortino is located between the blue sea and the green hills of Sperlonga, just 2 km from the most popular tourist destination in the south of Pontine.

The location, welcoming and reserved, the white sand and the luxuriant surrounding vegetation make it one of the most exclusive beaches in Sperlonga.
The bathing establishment, equipped and comfortable, has umbrellas, sunbeds, deck chairs, a relaxation area with solarium for adults only and showers with hot and / or cold water.

The Lido Il Fortino is open from 8.30 to 19.00.
The Wi-Fi does not work due to a technological gap in the area.

Restaurant by the sea

The restaurant, overlooking the Sperlonga sea, is open every day for lunch from 12.30 to 15.30. Every morning a different menu of the day is offered and a menu with take-away dishes is offered at the bar of the establishment or on the beach.

The menu is mainly composed of seafood specialties prepared with care by selecting the best ingredients of our Mediterranean cuisine.

Pontine Islands

It is possible to go on an excursion to the Pontine Islands (also called Pontine Islands) which are an archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of the Gulf of Gaeta. The largest is Ponza whose first sight takes your breath away due to the beauty of the Bourbon style village with its white and pink houses, the rocky and wild coast and the stacks that emerge from the clear waters. Ventotene is also of great charm, eternally exposed to the Tyrrhenian winds where the Roma Marina is still alive in its perfectly preserved remains. Ferry boarding from Terracina or Formia.

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Excursions to the Pontine Islands

Let yourself be enchanted by the Pontine Islands: the volcanic archipelago off the coast of the Gulf of Gaeta.

There are six Pontine Islands in total: Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Gavi, Ventotene and Santo Stefano, which can be reached by ferries departing from Terracina or Formia.

Ponza is the largest island and you will be breathless at the sight of it, such is its beauty and authenticity with its white and pink houses. Here time has stopped and still tells of Roman rule and many occupations. The island looks like a painting almost completely hilly and surrounded by a jagged coast with many beaches and coves.

Take advantage and admire the Pontine Islands, because they are an important piece of our history and culture that you must know.


The Small town that gave birth to many illustrious personalities, preserves in the historic center the memories of the different eras that have crossed and characterized it: the Megalithic Walls, the Roman Baths, the Baronial Castle now home to the Civic Museum, the Jewish Quarter and the remains of the Appia Antica. To these the natural monuments of the plain of Fondi are added which are protected on the three sides by the Ausoni and Aurunci Mountains then open onto the Tyrrhenian Sea giving visitors a suggestive variety of landscapes: from the mountains to the coast passing through the lakes…